Battery gun

a gun capable of firing a number of shots simultaneously or successively without stopping to load.

See also: Battery

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The average battery gun would shoot a 10-foot wide pattern at 30 yards.
Close by was an ack-ack battery gun that fired at German planes.
Dean Asker, RSC spokesman, said: "This is no ordinary gun, but a re-creation of a big revolving battery gun, mounted on two wheels, developed by American inventor Richard Jordan Gatling in 1862.
We hope to recover the main battery gun which weighs about 9,500 pounds, together with a special fire pump and the galley stove.
1862 Richard Gatling patented his revolving battery gun.
This meant the Iphigenia came under heavy fire from the mole battery guns.
At the urging of sport hunters, states began passing laws to prohibit spring waterfowl shooting, boat-mounted battery guns, plume collecting, and eventually all market hunting.
The grant will be spent on recreating the sights and sounds of the First World War bombardment including audio effects that will bring to life the roar of incoming shells, shouts and orders, the pounding of the battery guns, bomb blasts and the scattering of running feet.
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