Battle Creek

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Bat·tle Creek

A city of southern Michigan south-southeast of Grand Rapids. It is a major producer of breakfast cereals.

Bat′tle Creek′

a city in S Michigan. 55,060.
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I know an Esquimau in Upernavik who sends to Cincinnati for his neckties, and I saw a goatherder in Uruguay who won a prize in a Battle Creek breakfast food puzzle competition.
CBS' new police series "Battle Creek'' is being filmed in Los Angeles, but its cast is making pilgrimages to Battle Creek to soak up the atmosphere.
According to the Enquirer, the GEM NEV has been assigned to a Battle Creek Police Department liaison officer on a trail basis for patrolling the city's downtown area.
At the Battle Creek VAMC Goniea helped start a new van program for the Benton Harbor area with excellent support from medical center director Mike Wheeler (now Director at the Detroit VAMC) and Deborah Peters at the Berrien County Veterans Office.
Battle Creek Girl (His Majesty-Far Beyond, by Nijinsky) produced 15 winners from 17 runners for Will Farish and E J Hudson jnr.
A spokesperson for the Battle Creek Public Library said that to expect everyone to stand around for an hour to choose a book is unrealistic, and now patrons can sit at home and choose a book, reports ABC News.
Meanwhile, Battle Creek will invest in new machinery and equipment for producing registration equipment and glass tools.
Jerry McGuire, president of Denso Manufacturing Arkansas (DMAR), comes from the Battle Creek facility, which initially will provide most of the components for the climate control units produced at DMAR.
Located in Battle Creek, Michigan, DLIS is part of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).
Box WFDS, Battle Creek, MI 49016-3630 or at (800) 557-6525.
According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, at least one radio station broadcast the news.
Commodity Classic gets better and better every year," says NCGA president Lee Klein of Battle Creek, Neb.
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