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 (rŏn′sə-vălz′, rôn′thĕs-väl′yĕs)
A mountain pass, 1,057 m (3,468 ft) high, through the western Pyrenees in northern Spain. According to tradition, the Frankish hero Roland died there fighting the Basques during Charlemagne's retreat from a failed campaign against the Moors (778).


(ˈrɒnsəˌvælz; Spanish rɔnθesˈβaʎes)
(Placename) a village in N Spain, in the Pyrenees: a nearby pass was the scene of the defeat of Charlemagne and death of Roland in 778. French name: Roncevaux


(ˌrɒn səsˈvɑ yɛs, ˈrɒn səˌvælz)

a village in N Spain, in the Pyrenees: defeat of part of Charlemagne's army and the death of Roland A.D. 788. French, Ronce•vaux (rɔ̃sˈvoʊ)
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At the battle of Roncesvalles between Christendom and Islam in the eighth century, Roland, last-ditch defender of the French rear guard, comforts himself with the thought that pagans are wrong and Christians are right .
The first chapter is devoted to Pulci's Il Morgante and its epic core: the battle of Roncesvalles.
The song deals with the historical Battle of Roncesvalles (Roncevaux) in 778.