Battle piece

a painting, or a musical composition, representing a battle.

See also: Battle

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The climax of the collection comes at the beginning of the second part, with essays by Martin Zenck and David Holzman that both involve Wolpe's monumental Battle Piece for piano.
A battle piece with most of the action in France and most of the actors - give or take a few messengers and sailors - royals and aristocrats: for Elizabethan dramatists set their sights at exactly the class of person that modern tabloid editors conceive to be of main interest to the groundlings of today.
Some whores from the village came round but the priests ran them off -- both facts left out of the scribe's sensible and fervid battle piece scrawled on bleached mule hide and holed up, now, in a vault at the British Museum.
It is a battle piece that follows the typical set pattern.
Fundraising specialists Raisemore, based at Fort Dunlop, are partnering with the association to create the Desert Rat Museum on the charity's Thetford Forest memorial site, showcasing a collection of original battle pieces.
The book contains some excellent battle pieces, but some of the best parts occur early and late, as Fick tries to adapt to his new circumstances and later to begin succinctly to sort out what he feels and thinks about his experiences.
In many of his works, notably in his Civil War poems, Battle Pieces (1866), Melville demonstrates that he is not ideology bound.