Battle of Bull Run

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Noun1.Battle of Bull Run - either of two battles during the American Civil War (1861 and 1862); Confederate forces defeated the Federal army in both battles
American Civil War, United States Civil War, War between the States - civil war in the United States between the North and the South; 1861-1865
Old Dominion, Old Dominion State, VA, Virginia - a state in the eastern United States; one of the original 13 colonies; one of the Confederate States in the American Civil War
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Among the first monuments was a vault containing the remains of 1,800 Union casualties of the battles of Bull Run.
The battles of Bull Run took place during which war?
Finally, last summer found Michael Eisner of Disney fighting with a group of historians over a proposed theme park in Virginia four miles from Manassas Battlefield National Park, the sight o f the two battles of Bull Run.