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n.1.A small copper coin, with a mixture of silver, formerly current in some parts of Germany and Switzerland. It was worth about four cents.
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Pirial, the bourgs of Batz and Le Croisic, exactly resembling each other, attracted and suspended his attention.
Reporter Jeannette Batz still prefers her news in ink on paper, but she appreciates having her work more widely available.
Much of the "data" for the book consists of reflections by Batz, a graduate student at St.
Prior to this position, Batz led Fike's oil & gas business unit where his responsibilities included new product development, sales, and customer service and support.
To Batz Puac, it seems hugely unfair that desperately poor campesino families that barely have one light bulb per household should be subjected to a seemingly arbitrary price hike.
Hands down, according to Batz and Schmidt, the least favorite activity in the seven Fs is--would you have guessed?
The cable (630 km) will be laid by the French ship Ile de Batz was scheduled to arrive with the cable in Siboney by Feb.
4m (EUR47m) cable has been provided by a Chinese subsidiary of France's Alcatel-Lucent (EPA:ALU) and it is being laid on the seabed by French vessel Ile de Batz.
Batz MB, Doyle MP, Morris JG, Painter J, Singh R, Tauxe RV, et al.
The whole scenery was staged in a sparkling-blue created by "Light-Magician" Michael Batz who dipped more than 50 objects, buildings and ships in magic blue light.
The Twenty-Ninth Virginia Betts White Quest Awards will include a Lifetime Achievement Award to Ava Ehrlich and it will issue Awards for Excellence in Communication to John Beck, Jeannette Batz Cooperman, Robert Duffy, Susan Killenberg McGiun, Carolyn Marty, Patrick Murphy, Alvin Reid and Leisa Zigman.
Charles de Batz Castelmore, the model for Alexandre DumasAAE Comte dAAEArtagnan in AoThe Three MusketeersAo.