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n. & v.1.See Balk.
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Mr Bauk said WMT's management team "possessed the extensive project development and operating expertise needed to quickly and successfully advance the Parys Mountain Project" while also "maintaining an aggressive exploration strategy in the company's other projects in Tanzania, Queensland and the Americas".
The BAUK, an umbrella organisation of blind groups and Braille producers, said the introduction of capital letters would bring the UK system into line with the US and help users to master word-processing and printing.
lawak Labeo chrysophekadion Temunit, Ikan arang, Kak' Labiobarbus fasciatus Masik, Ma, Senkirik Labiobarbus festivus Kujam, Kujan Merah Labiobarbus kuhlii Kujam putih Labiobarbus ocellatus Bauk tadung Labiobarbus cf.
The fishing gear survey identified four types of cast nets: jala bilis, jala toman, jala bauk and jala perumpan.
two sisters-in-law, Emma Bauks, of Brunswick, Maine, and Ann Beauks, of Dudley; nieces and nephews; and great-grandchildren.
She also leaves her half sister, Nancy Kondrotas of Manchester, New Hampshire and 2 sisters-in-law, Emma Bauks of Brunswick, Maine and Ann Beauks of Dudley and nieces and nephews.