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a.1.Designating or conforming to either of the scales used by the French chemist Antoine Baumé in the graduation of his hydrometers; of or relating to Baumé's scales or hydrometers. There are two Baumé hydrometers. One, which is used with liquids heavier than water, sinks to 0° in pure water, and to 15° in a 15 per cent salt solution; the other, for liquids lighter than water, sinks to 0° in a 10 per cent salt solution and to 10° in pure water. In both cases the graduation, based on the distance between these fundamental points, is continued along the stem as far as desired.
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Country: France, SwitzerlandSector: Clothing/Textiles, Consumer ProductsTarget: Chloe, Baume & Mercier SABuyer: Unnamed parties.
Eurocamp's La Baume Parc on the French Riviera has a seven-pool complex with a four-lane water slide, a lagoon pool with slides and a new toddler pool.
MARK Ronson is keen to marry girlfriend Josephine De La Baume.
Summary: Baume & Mercier creates Hampton magnum in white for the Middle Eastern Woman.
In an interview last week, General Secretary of Whitehall civil servants' union the First Division Association, Jonathan Baume, suggested the culture of bullying at Whitehall was more widespread.
99, and the elegant French red La Baume Syrah Merlot at pounds 4.
The young monks at Baume in the Jura were the 'Ooray 'Enris of their day, sons of aristocrats who enjoyed a worldly view of life.
Receiving the refractory coating in a concentrated form requires the in-house dilution of the coating to application specifications, and the most common test used to determine the end point during dilution is the Baume test.
But in this expansive show, ICA chief curator Nicholas Baume insists on talking about it, presenting over fifty works by a diverse group of thirty-two artists who similarly shirk tight-lipped politesse, favoring unmitigated gut spillage.
The claim was made by the representative of a union for senior civil servants, Jonathan Baume, who said relations between Mr Blair and Mr Brown had worsened in recent months.
Jonathan Baume, of the First Division Association, confirmed yesterday that relations have worsened.
In the past 12 months, Les Grands Chats de France has greatly expanded its brand portfolio, In October 2003, it bought the southern French brand, Domaine de La Baume and acquired the Bordeaux wine group, Crus et Domaines de France, in February Its third acquisition in July 2004 was the Loire Valley's biggest negociant, Vinival.