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a.1.Designating or conforming to either of the scales used by the French chemist Antoine Baumé in the graduation of his hydrometers; of or relating to Baumé's scales or hydrometers. There are two Baumé hydrometers. One, which is used with liquids heavier than water, sinks to 0° in pure water, and to 15° in a 15 per cent salt solution; the other, for liquids lighter than water, sinks to 0° in a 10 per cent salt solution and to 10° in pure water. In both cases the graduation, based on the distance between these fundamental points, is continued along the stem as far as desired.
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As Bees In spring time, when the Sun with Taurus rides, Poure forth thir populous youth about the Hive In clusters; they among fresh dews and flowers Flie to and fro, or on the smoothed Plank, The suburb of thir Straw-built Cittadel, New rub'd with Baume, expatiate and confer Thir State affairs.
Mademoiselle Louise Francoise de la Baume le Blanc, the daughter of the Marquise de la Valliere," said Madame, ceremoniously.
The elegance of the lines, the attention to high quality, and commitment to humanism are some of our common characteristics," stated Alain Zimmermann, CEO of Baume & Mercier.
Los Angeles -- Carroll Shelby Licensing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International, and major Swiss luxury watchmaking company Baume & Mercier, part of the Richemont Group, will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the FIA World Championship with a collection of fine timepieces.
La Baume parc has a mini fun station, which caters for kids from six months to five years old.
Baume& Co remained a family run company until 1920 when watchmaker William Baume, grandson of the founder, formed an alliance with jeweller Paul Mercier.
THEN AND NOW: Young Annie, left, and with care home staff Matthew Newton and Sharon Croker HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Annie Baume at her 100th birthday celebration, right and at the Taj Mahal, left Main picture
Thanks to Alexandre Peraldi, Director of the Design Studio, we can discover the origins of the collection, it stylistic underpinnings, the importance granted to each individual detail and the background of the creator, thus stepping right into the intimacy of not only the new Hampton collection, but also the Baume & Mercier firm.
Baume Capillaire is said to offset the problematic characteristics of brittle, damaged hair.
Fellow Gallic beauty, Josephine de la Baume, has also grabbed our attention with her distinct sense of style.
The Greek letter Phi, the Baume & Mercier signature, appears on the crown and at noon, like the golden ratio standing for equilibrium and for aesthetic elegance based on "divine proportions" that remain the brand's cardinal values.
MSC Cruises is partnering with Baume & Mercier, the sixth-oldest worldwide Swiss watch brand.