Bay cat

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(Zool.) a wild cat of Africa and the East Indies (Felis aurata).

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Born from the freshwater Bass Cat designs and go-fast capabilities, the Bay Cat features fiberglass, vacuum-compressed hull construction, plus subfloor foam floatation.
He had Bay Cat, who was a nice two-year-old and won his first two races last year, and Cheap Street, who won three at two, including a big sales race.
The Jungle Fund also supports Conservation International, which is currently conducting research projects on the island of Borneo to save the bay cat, flat-headed cat and the marbled cat.
The m57L is joined by the 40-inch Bobcat X LCD for standalone applications in constrained environments, the 46-inch Bay Cat X for high image quality for data-driven applications, and the 50-inch rear-projection Margay tailored for multi-display towers, walls and banners.
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