Chaleur Bay

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Cha·leur Bay

 (shə-lo͝or′, -lûr′)
An inlet of the Gulf of St. Lawrence between the Gaspé Peninsula and northern New Brunswick, Canada.

Cha•leur′ Bay′

(ʃəˈlʊər, -ˈlɜr)
an inlet of the Gulf of St. Lawrence between NE New Brunswick and SE Quebec, in SE Canada. ab. 85 mi. (135 km) long; 15–25 mi. (24–40 km) wide.
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2) As a data source, Ommer selected the ledgers and letter books of Charles Robin and Company (CRC), the Jersey merchant firm which dominated the industry in the Bay of Chaleur region of the Gulf of St.
He married Sarah Sherar, daughter of Loyalist Thomas Sherar, of the New Carlisle Loyalist colony across the Bay of Chaleur on the Gaspe coast.