Gulf of Riga

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Noun1.Gulf of Riga - an inlet of the Baltic Sea between Latvia and Estonia
Baltic, Baltic Sea - a sea in northern Europe; stronghold of the Russian navy
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Next year there will be a commemoration of the shelling of HMS Dragon in the Bay of Riga, 100 years ago.
In historical times (1206), according to Jannau, the Livonians in a narrower sense occupied the following territories: from Koknese (Kokenhusen) along the right side of the River Daugava (Western Dvina), Latvia, and the strand of the Bay of Riga continuing over the River Salaca (Salis) up to Parnu in Estonia (Jannau 1828 : 51).
7) Livonians at Salacgriva (Saletza) on the River Salaca (Salis) and partially along the shore of the Bay of Riga.