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A town of northeast Puerto Rico, a residential and industrial suburb of San Juan. It was founded in 1772.


(Spanish bajaˈmon)
(Placename) a city in NE central Puerto Rico, south of San Juan. Pop: 224 915 (2003 est)


(ˌbɑ yɑˈmɔn)

a city in N Puerto Rico. 211,616.
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Matthew Shields, assistant professor of pediatrics at UMass Medical School, is a graduate of Universidad Central del Caribe, of Bayamon, Puerto Rico.
Evolutionarily, inverting the retina seems to be a mistake, says Serguei Skatchkov, a biophysicist at the Central University of the Caribbean in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.
The Great American Cookies stores are located in Plaza Carolina in Carolina, Puerto Rico as well as Plaza Rio Hondo in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.
Juan Ortiz, aged 26, from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, a married graduate student studying civil engineering
In 1994, Socorrito Diaz, an elementary art teacher at the Baldwin School of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, launched an ambitious international art collaboration.
LBX Company, makers of Link-Belt Earthmoving, Forestry and Material Handling Equipment, has appointed two new authorized distributors of Link-Belt excavators, articulated tracks, wheel loaders and material handlers: R & B Power in Bayamon, Puerto Rico and Woodward Tractor in Cody, WY.
OfficeMax, one of the nation's largest office supply retailers, on June 13 celebrated the grand opening of its new Bayamon, Puerto Rico superstore.
In February 2002, a total of 25 emergency personnel were exposed to fluids from an injured adult male rhesus monkey that had been struck by an automobile in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.
has plans to idle its latex production facility at Bayamon, Puerto Rico by January 31.
The Bayamon, Puerto Rico, native is assigned to a CPO billet as a System Administrator for the Joint Staff National Military Command Center, Site R, complex.
ALSO: Felix Trinidad promised his hometown crowd in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, an early knockout - and he delivered.
a Bayamon, Puerto Rico, food manufacturer, has agreed under terms of a court order not to process or distribute food until it addresses the unsanitary conditions found by U.