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 (bī-roit′, bī′roit)
A city of east-central Germany northeast of Nuremberg. Richard Wagner lived here from 1872 to 1883 and designed the opera house used chiefly for performances of his works.


(German baiˈrɔyt)
(Placename) a city in E Germany, in NE Bavaria: home and burial place of Richard Wagner; annual festivals of his music. Pop: 74 818 (2003 est)


(ˈbaɪ rɔɪt, baɪˈrɔɪt)

a city in NE Bavaria, in SE Germany: annual music festivals founded by Richard Wagner. 71,848.
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They had met her in Vienna, Bayreuth, and Florence, and were grateful to find her again at Claridge's, for she commanded situations, and knew where prescriptions are most carefully made up.
Contract notice: student transport for the promotion center markgrafenschule in bayreuth with focus on language
In between, there were further outings for Bayreuth boss Katharina Wagner's darkly bleak Tristan und Isolde and the Parsifal of actor/director Uwe Eric Laufenberg, which is set in today's troubled Middle East.
Russian baritone Evgeny Nikitin has decided not to perform at the Bayreuth festival in Germany after it was discovered that he once had a swastika tattoo.
In order to support this development from a scientific perspective, the DFB and the University of Bayreuth (Department of Services Management, Prof.
What Professor Greer was doing was making a direct comparison between Stratford (home of Shakespeare) and Bayreuth in Bavaria (home of Wagner).
Winifred Wagner; a life at the heart of Hitler's Bayreuth.
From a metaphysical point of view he had the biggest job in the business: The opera festival that opens every summer in the small Bavarian town of Bayreuth was originally financed in 1876 by oddball King Ludwig II and given the philosophical blessing of none other than Friedrich Nietzsche.
At Bayreuth, Germany--in Bavaria's Franconia region--where composer Richard Wagner lived, the Lohengrin Thermal Spa will complement a visit to the town's annual Wagner Music Festival.
We hear from Liszt on topics such as his personal keepsakes, his students, human relations, May-December romances, Ludwig II of Bavaria and artistic and practical aspects of the Bayreuth Festival.
Caterpillars can bask in sunlight to soak up warmth, but most earlier studies suggested that once the sun goes down, tent caterpillars were out of luck, says Claudia Ruf of the University of Bayreuth in Germany.
Other complete sets available on CD are Karl Bohm's 1967 Bayreuth Festival cycle on Philips (a live recording prized by many), James Levine's with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra on Deutsche Grammophon, Daniel Barenboim's with the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra on Teldec and an old, monaural recording on Foyer with Clemens Krauss conducting the Bayreuth orchestra.