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n. pl.1.(Zool.) The order of Annulata which includes the leeches. See Hirudinea.
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A live image of the bdelloid rotifer Adineta vaga, as viewed with the polychromatic polarized light microscope under 20X magnification, is shown in Figure 5.
Rather than the standard way of using sexual reproduction to weed out harmful mutations to its DNA, tiny aquatic animals called bdelloid rotifer (Adineta vaga) appear to have adopted other strategies to maintain lineages over millennia that aren't burdened by genetic damage or killed off altogether, David Mark Welch of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, said.
A fossil study and DNA testing have shown that the bdelloid rotifer has changed over the millions of years of the species' existence.
The only rotifer found in the pitchers from our field site is the pitcher plant form of the bdelloid rotifer Habrotrocha rosa Donner (Bateman 1987, Cochran-Stafira 1993), although additional species have been reported from other locations (Addicott 1974; D.
GIRL POWER: An image of a bdelloid rotifer, magnified thousands of times
The microscopic bdelloid rotifer has seemingly evolved without sex for some 40 million years and probably doesn't exist in male form--making this rotifer a good candidate for a robust asexual species, a much debated possibility (157: 326*).
17) is the only bdelloid rotifer we could identify in this study.
Evidence for inefficient selection against deleterious mutations in cytochromc oxidase I of asexual bdelloid rotifers.
Recipes for successful anhydrobiosis in bdelloid rotifers.