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1. One who scavenges along beaches or in wharf areas.
2. A seaside vacationer.

beach′comb′ (bēch′kōm′) v.


vb (intr)
to search for and collect objects such as seashells and driftwood along the seashore
ˈbeachˌcombing n
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Karen said: "We used to have some fun times car-booting, beachcombing, eating lemon tops and playing the penny slots, swimming in the sea at Redcar and Saltburn and visiting the countryside.
com ID'S "SEA-CREATURES" NATURE TRAIL Date: Saturday 26 August Location: Millisle Beach Join local naturalist 'Woody' on a beachcombing adventure to uncover the numerous types of sea creatures who live on the shores.
There are great opportunities for hiking, picnicking, bird watching, wildflower viewing and beachcombing.
If beachcombing isn't your thing, then shell out on some of these great store finds to add charm to your coastal chamber.
26: Wildlife Trust litter picking and beachcombing.
All of these in between sleeping, snorkeling, snoozing, beachcombing, feasting on fresh seafood and just plain enjoying the getaway experience.
Cascades residents enjoy the charms of scenic country living combined with convenient proximity to destinations for shopping, dining and beachcombing.
AN 11-year-old boy who was beachcombing in North Wales with his mum had a big surprise when he found a message in a bottle washed up on the sand.
His best finds get displayed at John's Beachcombing Museum, a hangarlike shed back in Forks crammed floor-to-ceiling with beach detritus: fossils, bottles, sunglasses, hockey mitts, love letters, scuba gear, and his personal obsession, fishing floats.
On the North York Moors' coast, undisputed best day-out for beachcombing is Runswick Bay, explore the old smugglers' haunt of Robin Hood's Bay, and get creative in arty Staithes, which may seem more than a touch familiar to those whose children are fans of CBeebies' Old Jack's Boat.
The boys are beachcombing and find a merman with a dislocated shoulder.
Daily beachcombing and cleaning, making shaded green seating areas with trees, placing benches and refurbishing the toilet facilities with placement of enough trash containers all around to encourage the public to keep it tidy and clean.