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1. A small bag filled with dried beans or small pellets and used for throwing in games.
2. An article, such as a chair, that is constructed as a bag filled with small pellets.
3. A small folded bag filled with lead pellets, used as ammunition in a stun gun.


1. (Games, other than specified) a small cloth bag filled with dried beans and thrown in games
2. (Furniture) Also called: sag bag a very large cushion loosely filled with foam rubber or polystyrene granules so that it moulds into a comfortable shape: used as an informal low seat



1. a small cloth bag filled with beans.
2. Also called bean′bag chair`. a chair in the form of a large bag filled with foam pellets that molds itself to the contours of the sitter.
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Noun1.beanbag - a small cloth bag filled with dried beansbeanbag - a small cloth bag filled with dried beans; thrown in games
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
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The idea is that the bean bag makes a sound which distracts her, and eventually she just learns to ignore other dogs.
Mr Dolder added: "From launch, the business' ambition was to grow from an eBay trader to a national leader in the bean bag market.
It is alleged Meredith inappropriately restrained Pupil A on the floor while he was covered by a bean bag the size of a double bed with Meredith on top of it.
75 BEANBAG CHAIR Suedette bean bag chair, Dunelm Mill, www.
LoveSac offers funky and fun bean bag chairs with more traditional couches.
Use maps as targets, with students having to identify where the bean bag lands (country, state, city, etc.
Highly commended awards were made to Bloob, a flexible sofa seat resembling a giant bean bag, designed by Antidiva and distributed by Roneo; Program 4000 Sofa, designed by Jehs & Laub and distributed by Thonet; Sting, a wonderfully minimal aluminium and stainless-steel chair designed by Fredrik Mattson & Stefan Borselius and distributed by Inform Furniture; and T60, an ingenious adjustable table designed by Justus Kolberg & Erik Simonsen and distributed by Munch.
Police fired a bean bag round at a 60-year-old Eugene man who was threatening suicide Saturday, ending an hourlong standoff in the Whiteaker neighborhood.
Stephanie Jobin died in a group home in 1998 after staff restrained her under a bean bag for 20 minutes.
The rules are (a) the person throwing the bean bag must call out the person's name he or she is throwing to, and (b) the toss must be made underhanded.
Bean bag rounds fired from close range have caused two fatalities, one in New Mexico and one in Canada.