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1. A small bag filled with dried beans or small pellets and used for throwing in games.
2. An article, such as a chair, that is constructed as a bag filled with small pellets.
3. A small folded bag filled with lead pellets, used as ammunition in a stun gun.


1. (Games, other than specified) a small cloth bag filled with dried beans and thrown in games
2. (Furniture) Also called: sag bag a very large cushion loosely filled with foam rubber or polystyrene granules so that it moulds into a comfortable shape: used as an informal low seat



1. a small cloth bag filled with beans.
2. Also called bean′bag chair`. a chair in the form of a large bag filled with foam pellets that molds itself to the contours of the sitter.
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Noun1.beanbag - a small cloth bag filled with dried beansbeanbag - a small cloth bag filled with dried beans; thrown in games
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
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ACCESSORIES GALORE SHELVING, desks, tables, chairs, beanbags - there's plenty of kit to buy for a teenager's bedroom.
There is reading corner with beanbags and there are cozy couches.
A suburban Chicago police officer had better and safer options than to fire beanbags to subdue a confused, knife-wielding 95-year-old World War II veteran, a prosecutor told the court Tuesday at the outset of the officer's trial on a felony reckless conduct charge in the man's death.
Contract awarded for Play Tunnel,Outdoor Play Sand & mould ,Sift & Find Number Shells,Beanbag Board wif Bean Bags sets,4-Rings basketball stand wif storage bag,Roller Racer,Taxi Roller,Cart wif baskets,Ladybugs&Zoo Animals Beanbags,Balancing Beam Wavy & Straight,Yellow TricycleLarge,Yellow Taxi,Plastic Bumper Cars,Keep it Safe
Works is proud to announce the release of our line of designer beanbags for the 2013 fall season including our flagship designs: The Awesome Hamburger Beanbag, The Baller Benjamins $100 Bill Beanbag and The Delectable Cupcake Beanbag - but don't be fooled: our beanbags don't just look good, they are amazingly comfortable, durable and affordable.
Comfy beanbags, small tables and chairs and piles and piles of books make it a haven from the boring shops for any pre-school child.
To add to the cinematic experience, we will be giving away free popcorn to everyone watching the films and comfy beanbags and blankets will be provided on a first come first served basis.
The concept was to go above and beyond with beanbags and into alternative furniture, so that people could furnish their properties in a hip, comfortable and affordable way.
Or make concentric circles as a target area and see if you can throw beanbags (or balls/oranges) into the circles to score points.
But if the beanbags have ABCs on them, then they begin to recognize the look of letters, giving a simple game of toss the power to build a solid foundation in written language.
Sami Brookes and Johnny Robinson from the over-25s have been sleeping on beanbags in the loft to escape.
To Play: Standing a few feet from the upright box, players take turns tossing three beanbags at the cups.