Bear State

1.Arkansas; - a nickname, from the many bears once inhabiting its forests.
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The company and Bear State Bank had on August 22, 2017 entered into an agreement with Arvest Bank, an Arkansas banking corporation, and Arvest Acquisition Sub Inc.
22 August 2017 - Arkansas, US-based financial services company Arvest Bank has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Bear State Financial, Inc.
Donna Merriweather, state director-elect of the Arkansas Society for Human Resource Management and executive vice president and chief human resource officer at Bear State Bank of Little Rock, said workplace sexual harassment is, ultimately, about power, who has it and who doesn't.
The board of directors of Bear State Financial Inc (NASDAQ:BSF) approved a cash dividend of USD0.
Also in August, Fayetteville's Arvest Bank announced an agreement to buy Little Rock's Bear State Financial Inc.
based Bear State Bank has implemented Gro's digital account opening solution, Gro Checkout, to improve new customer onboarding and cross-selling efforts, the company said.
2 October 2015 - US-based bank holding company Bear State Financial, Inc.
In addition to requesting that Bear State Financial Inc.
Global Banking News-August 23, 2017--Arvest Bank to buy Bear State Financial
9 Rick Massey, chairman of Bear State Financial Inc.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-August 23, 2017-Arvest Bank to acquire Bear State Financial