Bear caterpillar

(Zool.) the hairy larva of a moth, esp. of the genus Euprepia.

See also: Bear

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She currently lives in Burton, Michigan with her daughter, cat and woolly bear caterpillar.
From the Arctic Woolly Bear Caterpillar to the Praying Mantis, Field Cricket, and Dragonfly, all are clearly pictured and described with fascinating accuracy of detail.
If you want to know how harsh the winter will be, look at the stripes on a woolly bear caterpillar in the Fall.
Even the woolly bear caterpillar recently weighed in with a dark, thick coat -- a forecast for more than normal snowfall and below normal temperatures, according to Cleveland meteorologist Dick Goddard.
is a new softcover "Lift-the-Flap Book" about a little woolly bear caterpillar and his search to find just the right place to spend the winter.
Check the Hagers- Town Town and Country Almanack, the nation's second-oldest almanac, which bases its annual predictions on the black and reddish-brown markings of the woolly bear caterpillar.
Much of the work in this field has focused on cases in which animals, such as baboons and woolly bear caterpillars, medicate themselves.