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A river, about 470 km (290 mi) long, of northern India rising in the Himalaya Mountains. It is one of the five rivers of the Punjab that form a major tributary of the Indus River.
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Afterwards, Ambassador de Vega, together with Father Beas, led the blessing of the chancery.
Singh said that he had requested for ' sewa' at Radha Soami Beas, a dera situated on the banks of the Beas river near Amritsar.
A Hyderabad engineering college is in mourning after 24 of its students were swept away in the river Beas two weeks ago.
So far, five bodies, including the bodies of two girls and a boy, have been recovered from the River Beas.
Tijuana makes me happy", es el sencillo que presento el quinteto de "Colectivo Nortec", de su mas reciente produccion "Tijuana Sessions Vol 3", y para saber mas de ellos y su nuevo bebe, SEMANA hablo con Pedro Beas, quien nos conto que ellos no llevan sombrero, ni botas, "somos unos jovenes bastantes desabridos como cualquier joven californiano, pero tocamos lo mejor de la musica electronica con una mezcla de norteno", dijo Beas.
Authorities had not only discharged water into Beas from Larji dam but also from the dam of Parvati Power Project.
The Grand Trunk Road, passing through the city of Beas remained closed off on Thursday.
Rivers Beas and Parvati, which act as an important water recource for Himachal Pradesh, have been facing a severe threat because of accumulation of garbage and otherndustrial wastes which deposit on its river beds.