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n. Informal
An animal, especially one regarded with jocular affection.


1. Scot a small animal
2. informal an insect


(ˈbi sti)

a small animal.
References in classic literature ?
It is nothing," he said; "the poor, dumb beasties are not to be blamed for straying into fatter pastures.
I like decent cats reasonably well; but I don't like beasties of your complexion.
There was a fat woman inside in a red jumper with pothooks and beasties embroidered upon it.
Another, a dilapidated, striped beastie, with both ears and one eye gone, glared at us from the sofa in the corner.
He was a gorgeous beastie, with a face as round as a full moon, vivid green eyes, and immense, white, double paws.
The Beasties hear it and they love it so much they include it as a hidden track on their next EP.
The message added: "If it wasn't for him, there'd be no Beasties, no Luscious Jackson, no Grand Royal and god knows what else.
com, PS1150 DECORATIVE CUSHION Timorous Beasties grand blotch damask, Timorous Blotch damask, Timorous Beasties, www.
Timorous > Beasties Teal Beasties Teal Ex Libris Bee Velvet Velvet Cushion, PS135, Cushion, PS135, Liberty (www.
So go on, hang your horns with pride - especially as they're all resin and no wee beasties were harmed to create the glamour.
This Wii-U update has been tailored to western tastes, allowing up to four friends to bag beasties from the comfort of their sofas via wi-fi.
The Beasties seem to share a distaste for advertising in general.