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A style of vocal percussion associated with hip-hop in which sounds produced in the vocal tract are used to create funk rhythms.

[From beatbox, from a notion likening a vocal percussionist to a drum machine.]


a form of hip-hop music in which the voice is used to simulate percussion instruments
ˈbeatˌboxer n
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Youngsters Taryk (Can Sipahi), Ferhat (BaryE- GE[micro]nenen) and Ayca (Asly Menaz) are rehearsing their beat-box song and dance performance in Ferhat's rundown garage studio in the outskirts of the city.
Music lovers will enjoy songs on a totally different level as it boasts six beat-box, five voice samples and seven smart DJ effects, Latin EQ and dual USB.
Having performed for sold-out crowds in America in 2011, the world-renowned a cappella group from Slovenia features 35 powerful voices, creating a "Vocal Orchestra" with vocal percussions, a human beat-box imitating an incredible array of drums, electronic beats and choreographed hand movements that simulate storms for an intense sound experience.
He set up his own business delivering beat-box and rap workshops to schools and youth groups at the age of 21 after quitting his call centre job.
Oud, qanoun and nai are joyously thrust against a range of jazz winds as well as other instruments that have been absorbed by late-model fusion -- from electric guitar to beat-box.
Mostly composed of Bjork's layered vocals and growls, tongue clicks, and sighs, the sound gets large only when she's joined by Eskimo choirs, or as on tracks like "Triumph of a Heart" by Japanese human beat-box master Dokaka--a man who's been known to create cover versions of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Metallica's "Creeping Death" with his mouth.
What he envisioned was a production that merged all the divergent performers he liked--the tap dancers, capoeiristas, hip-hoppers, stilt walkers, human beat-box, jazz and funk musicians, African and Cuban drummers and disc jockeys.
And, impressive though it is, we can't help but be reminded of Newton Faulker's acoustic whimsy augmented by a beat-box whenever we hear it.
HUMAN beat-box Alvie Hussain is the sensational star of a new television advert featuring some of the country's coolest kids.
In a lot of ways, he accomplishes the same thing in a much cleaner fashion on "Bust a Move," the background beat-box rhythm making it hard not to get up and dance.
There will also be a beat-box and a rap and lyric-writing workshop by Pembrokeshire youth leader and MC Llew Jones.
The Whitey Album combined the band's long-running desire to cover the Beatles' White Album in its entirety and its adoration of radical beat-box grooves with a nod and wink to east village troublemaker-cum-pop-queen superstar Madonna.