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A style of vocal percussion associated with hip-hop in which sounds produced in the vocal tract are used to create funk rhythms.

[From beatbox, from a notion likening a vocal percussionist to a drum machine.]


a form of hip-hop music in which the voice is used to simulate percussion instruments
ˈbeatˌboxer n
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He'll be performing tracks from the record and old favourites too, promising his "one-man harmonica and beat-box experience".
Music lovers will enjoy songs on a totally different level as it boasts six beat-box five voice samples and seven smart DJ effects Latin EQ and dual USB.
Music lovers will enjoy songs on a totally different level as it boasts six beat-box, five voice samples and seven smart DJ effects, Latin EQ and dual USB.
The "live" portion features Deja Taylor, a 2007 Louder than a Bomb poetry slam finalist whose School Agers was recently recorded for Chicago Public Radio, along with 2008 finalists from the slam; the ladies of Teatro Luna, getting in touch with their masculine sides in an excerpt from their recent interview-based, urban-flavored show MACHOS; absurdist storyteller Reggie Watts, with Amy O'Neal and Orianna Herrman, in Disinformation; beat-box artist Yuri Lane, who creates 15 rhythmically unique characters in From Tel Aviv to Ramallah, with video projections by Sharif Ezzat; and the Suicide Kings's In Spite of Everything, directed by Marc Bamuthi Joseph, which explores the aftermath of a school shooting.
Mostly composed of Bjork's layered vocals and growls, tongue clicks, and sighs, the sound gets large only when she's joined by Eskimo choirs, or as on tracks like "Triumph of a Heart" by Japanese human beat-box master Dokaka--a man who's been known to create cover versions of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Metallica's "Creeping Death" with his mouth.
What he envisioned was a production that merged all the divergent performers he liked--the tap dancers, capoeiristas, hip-hoppers, stilt walkers, human beat-box, jazz and funk musicians, African and Cuban drummers and disc jockeys.
The line-up for Saturday's Gorjys Secrets, which kicks of at 9am, includes Mercury Prize nominated Seth Lakeman, world beat-box champion Bellatrix and BBC Radio One DJ Dave Pearce.
He set up his own business delivering beat-box and rap workshops to schools and youth groups at the age of 21 after quitting his call centre job.
In a lot of ways, he accomplishes the same thing in a much cleaner fashion on "Bust a Move," the background beat-box rhythm making it hard not to get up and dance.
There will also be a beat-box and a rap and lyric-writing workshop by Pembrokeshire youth leader and MC Llew Jones.
Fresh, "the original human beat-box," when he gives the keynote speech.
The Whitey Album combined the band's long-running desire to cover the Beatles' White Album in its entirety and its adoration of radical beat-box grooves with a nod and wink to east village troublemaker-cum-pop-queen superstar Madonna.