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 (bō-mär-shā′), Pierre Augustin Caron de 1732-1799.
French writer whose best-known works are the comic plays Le Barbier de Séville (1775) and Le Mariage de Figaro (1784), which inspired operas by Rossini and Mozart.


(French bomarʃɛ)
(Biography) Pierre Augustin Caron de (pjɛr oɡystɛ̃ karɔ̃ də). 1732–99, French dramatist, noted for his comedies The Barber of Seville (1775) and The Marriage of Figaro (1784)


(ˌboʊ mɑrˈʃeɪ)

Pierre Augustin Caron de, 1732–99, French playwright.
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Is the ferment of the peoples of the west at the end of the eighteenth century and their drive eastward explained by the activity of Louis XIV, XV, and XVI, their mistresses and ministers, and by the lives of Napoleon, Rousseau, Diderot, Beaumarchais, and others?
Gay-Lussac the chemist, Laplace the astronomer, Larrey the surgeon, de Suze the advocate, are here, and with them are Talma, Bellini, Rubini; de Balzac, Beaumarchais, Beranger; Moliere and Lafontaine, and scores of other men whose names and whose worthy labors are as familiar in the remote by-places of civilization as are the historic deeds of the kings and princes that sleep in the marble vaults of St.
The Tatar, recollecting that it was Stepan Arkadyevitch's way not to call the dishes by the names in the French bill of fare, did not repeat them after him, but could not resist rehearsing the whole menus to himself according to the bill:--"Soupe printaniere, turbot, sauce Beaumarchais, poulard a l'estragon, macedoine de fruits.
Moliere or Beaumarchais would reply to you, madame, that it was precisely because I was not, that I had cured my patients; for myself, I am content to say to you that I have studied chemistry and the natural sciences somewhat deeply, but still only as an amateur, you understand.
Beaumarchais, in a later day, had given it back its true poetry by adapting it for the French theatre and putting it into the mouth of a page, who pours out his heart to his stepmother.
If I met a working man and his wife in the streets between eleven o'clock and midnight on their way home from the Ambigu Comique, I used to amuse myself by following them from the Boulevard du Pont aux Choux to the Boulevard Beaumarchais.
About a year later, Kessler shared the details of L'ingenu libertin with Hofmannsthal, and the operetta served as their most significant point of reference as the scenario developed; it was far more consequential than Beaumarchais, William Hogarth, or other sources identified in previous studies.
de Beaumarchais, la Folle Journee, ou le Mariage de Figaro [Lyon, 1785], 223).
Beginning the story is The Barber of Seville with its much loved characters and music inspired by the comedy by Beaumarchais.
Rosalia Fernandez (UVa), en <<Vicente Garcia de la Huerta, critico teatral>>, vuelve al prologo del Theatro Hespanol para resenar las opiniones del autor sobre diferentes generos teatrales--tales como la comedia de capa y espada, la comedia heroica, el entremes--y la produccion de autores barrocos como Lope, Calderon--por lo que volvemos a los mismos temas tratados por Ismael Lopez en su capitulo--, Moreto, Rojas Zorrilla, Cervantes y Hoz y Mota, asi como autores del XVIII como Canizares, Montiano, Villarroel y Ayala (lo que ofrece interesantes perspectivas sobre la recepcion inmediata de la escena dramatica dieciochesca), y extranjeros como Corneille, Beaumarchais, Racine, Signorelli o Metastasio.
Manila fashion designer Marc Rancy, who is currently staying at Rue de Turenne, a street next to Bd Beaumarchais and near Le Bataclan where the worst attacks took place, recounted what happened in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.
Sept lieux ont ete touches: les abord du Stade de France, la salle de spectacle Le Bataclan (XIe), un restaurant rue Bichat (Xe), la rue de Charonne (XIe), l'avenue de la Republique (XIe), le boulevard Beaumarchais (III, IV, et XIe) et la rue de la Fontaine au roi (XIe).