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(German ˈbeːbəl)
(Biography) August (ˈauɡʊst). 1840–1913, German socialist leader: one of the founders of the Social Democratic Party (1869)


(ˈbeɪ bəl)

Ferdinand August, 1840–1913, German socialist.
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When investors are defrauded, they "feel so foolish for being so trusting and so naive," said securities attorney Christopher Bebel at Tefteller Law PLLC of Gilmer, Texas.
Along with Bebel Gilberto and Nina Simone, she is at the top of my list.
Le groupe Imzad prendra part du 20 au 22 du mois en cours a la dixieme edition du forum professionnel Bebel Med Music qu'abritera lacite phoceenne dans le cadre de Dock des Suds, a indique un organisateur de cette manifestation.
Kautsky and Bebel reasoned that the immediatism of the American utopia flagrantly violated the ineluctable tendencies of history, recklessly rushed historical destiny, and put the achievements of the socialists at risk.
IMG chief Forstmann booked a marching band, cancan dancers, contortionists and Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto.
the popular four day fest, which runs from ausgut 5-8 at its regular picturesque home of eastnor deer Park in herefordshire, will also feature roots manuva, Kruder & dorfmeister, Plan B, Bebel gilberto and Big Chill regulars mr Scruff, dJ derek and, of course, norman Jay on its eclectic and exciting line-up.
The Creteil Bebel team is excluded from the Leisure Football Commission for
Creteil side Bebel called off their clash with Paris Foot Gay because the match would have been "against their principles".
RIO DE JANEIRO Big Bird and Elmo will join Bebel in Rio sometime this summer.
On the surface, a Bebel Gilberto/Peter Cincotti double bill would seem perfect for a romantic night on the town with that special someone.
August Bebel once said that anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools.
Other world music highlights in the season include Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto, Spain's Amparanoia, Africa's Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Israeli singer Chava Albertstein and the diverse musical styles of The Tiger Lillies.