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 (bĕk′ĭt), Samuel Barclay 1906-1989.
Irish-born writer whose novels include Murphy (1938) and Malone Dies (1951). Beckett is known to a wider audience for his absurdist plays, such as Waiting for Godot (1952) and Krapp's Last Tape (1959). He won the 1969 Nobel Prize for literature.


1. (Biography) Dame Margaret Mary. born 1943, British Labour politician; leader of the House of Commons (1998–2001); secretary of state for environment, food, and rural affairs (2001–2006); foreign secretary (2006– 07)
2. (Biography) Samuel (Barclay). 1906–89, Irish dramatist and novelist writing in French and English, whose works portray the human condition as insignificant or absurd in a bleak universe. They include the plays En attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot, 1952), Fin de partie (Endgame, 1957), and Not I (1973) and the novel Malone meurt (Malone Dies, 1951): Nobel prize for literature 1969


(ˈbɛk ɪt)

Samuel, 1906-89, Irish playwright and novelist, in France after 1937: Nobel prize 1969.
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Noun1.Beckett - a playwright and novelist (born in Ireland) who lived in FranceBeckett - a playwright and novelist (born in Ireland) who lived in France; wrote plays for the theater of the absurd (1906-1989)
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Her ancient decks were worn and wrinkled, like the pilgrim-worshipped flag-stone in Canterbury Cathedral where Beckett bled.
And then along came an Irishman named Samuel Beckett who ended the whole thing, closed the proceedings, put art to rest, at last, for it was very tired" (2).
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Synopsis: Since his death in 1989, it has become difficult to imagine that Samuel Beckett was once a virtually unknown writer.
This important book highlights a scholarly engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that spans the second half of the twentieth century and demonstrates how these encounters prompted Beckett to move beyond the disciplinary limits of anthropology to produce a body of work that is characterised by its overtly inter-disciplinary approach to the study of indigeneity.
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Epstein of West of Lenin stepped up with a program of one-acts, "Sandbox Radio: Beckett on the Radio," which ran at his own theatre in August and will bow at ACT on Oct.
Matthew Beckett, 22, walked into the Bargain Booze on Warbreck Moor, Aintree, on April 17 at around 9pm and threatened the man behind the counter.
com)-- The Lowry Team - Keller Williams Realty has just listed a home for sale in the Beckett Ridge community, 5392 Pinecastle Way West Chester, Ohio 45069.
After John Beckett died in 1998, she moved to California, and then to Oregon.