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 (bĕk′män), Max 1884-1950.
German artist noted for his brutal, often grotesque figurative prints and canvases, such as Night (1919).


(German ˈbɛkman)
1. (Biography) Ernst Otto (ɛrnst ˈɔːto). 1853–1923, German chemist: devised the Beckmann thermometer, used for measuring small temperature changes in liquids
2. (Biography) Max (maks). 1884–1950, German expressionist painter


(ˈbɛk mɑn)

Max, 1884–1950, German painter.
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By now, Leipzig's Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst's prize pupil's signature style is well known: the exquisite painterly composition of scenes that refuse to cohere in space or time; busy details that open out into echoing voids; recurrent characters or archetypes (the worker, the farmer, the soldier) that seem utterly detached from one another; drab or lurid color applied in a manner ranging from grand to stolid to whimsical all on the same canvas; and an imposing catalogue of influences (Bruegel, Delacroix, David, Max Beckmann, Max Ernst, Balthus, Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter, Martin Kippenberger) overridden by a Soviet-era socialist realism perhaps too readily dismissed as merely ironic.