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 (bĕk′lə-mĕth′ə-sōn′, -zōn′)
A corticosteroid drug, C22H19ClO5, used in the form of its dipropionate as an inhalant to treat asthma and as a nasal spray to treat allergies.

[be(ta) + c(h)lo(ro)- + meth(yl) + alteration of (predn)is(ol)one.]


(USAN), beclometasone (INN) n beclometasona
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Beconase AQ is the brand name for intranasal delivery.
TABLE Intranasal steroids for treating allergic rhinitis Cost per Drug Usual adult dosages month * Beclomethasone dipropionate Beconase AQ 2 sprays/nostril qd $44 Vancenase AQ 2 sprays/nostril qd $40 Budesonide Rhinocort AQ 2 sprays/nostril bid $48 Flunisolide Nasarel 2 sprays/nostril bid $44 Nasalide 2 sprays/nostril bid $46 Fluticasone propionate Flonase 2 sprays/nostril qd $53 Mometasone furoate Nasonex 2 sprays/nostril qd $56 Triamcinolone acetonide Nasacort AQ 2 sprays/nostril qd $56 bid, twice a day; qd, every day.
Reese was responsible for managing the switch from prescription to over-the-counter medications for Lamisil topical, Voltaren and Nicotine patches in Europe, Middle East Africa, and Japan, and for Beconase AQ, Zovirax and Zantac 75 in Europe.