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(ˈbɛdfədˌʃɪə; -ʃə)
(Placename) a county of S central England, administered since 2009 by the unitary authorities of Bedford and Central Bedfordshire: mainly low-lying, with the Chiltern Hills in the south: the geographical county includes Luton, which became a separate unitary authority in 1997. Area (excluding Luton): 1192 sq km (460 sq miles). Abbreviation: Beds


(ˈbɛd fərdˌʃɪər, -ʃər)

a county in central England. 534,300; 477 sq. mi. (1235 sq. km). Also called Bedford.
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A spokesman for Bedfordshire County Council said: "We are satisfied that this is a resolution of a long-standing problem.
Updata has provided network management to Central Bedfordshire Council, and one of its legacy authorities, Bedfordshire County Council, since 2008.
His career as a teacher began in Gloucestershire, followed by a period in Blackpool at the independent Arnold School, but he then made a career switch to administration firstly with Leeds City County Education Department before moving to become Deputy Director of Education for Northumberland County Council, followed by an appointment as Chief Education Officer with Bedfordshire County Council.
In 2000, he moved to Bedfordshire County Council to become chief executive, and took up a post as Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools two years later.
Alice Geary, waste projects officer at Bedfordshire County Council, said: "It was a very straightforward and simple message and people got the hang of it very quickly.
The Forest of Marston Vale, which has worked closely with the Environment Agency to deliver this project, raised around 600,000 [pounds sterling] for the new trail, thanks to funding from Natural England though Defra's Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund, the Department for Communities and Local Government, Bedfordshire County Council, Lafarge Aggregates and HSBC.
But the project has stalled after a series of rows between Bedfordshire county council and Nirah.
He left five years later to become Bedfordshire County Council chief executive.
A Bedfordshire County Council spokesman said: "Susan Hare was _ a teacher at Redborne Upper School until February this year when she tendered her resignation.
Following the recent announcement that the Kent Police, a British police force, selected SAP for Public Sector to support 6,000 employees, three government agencies in the United Kingdom have gone live with the SAP solution, including Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council, Lincolnshire County Council, and Bedfordshire County Council.
Bedfordshire County Council slashed their pay and conditions to make the school meals more competitive before they went to tender.

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