Bedlington terrier

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Bed·ling·ton terrier

A terrier of a medium-sized breed developed in England, having a narrow wedge-shaped head and a thick woolly coat.

[After Bedlington, a town of northeast England.]

Bedlington terrier

(Breeds) a lithe, graceful breed of terrier having a long tapering head with no stop and a thick fleecy coat. Often shortened to: Bedlington
[C19: named after the town Bedlington in Northumberland, where they were first bred]

Bed′ling•ton ter′rier

(ˈbɛd lɪŋ tən)
one of an English breed of slender terriers having a narrow, rounded head, an arched back, and a thick, fleecy, usu. bluish coat groomed to resemble a lamb.
[1865–70; after Bedlington, town in Northumberland, England]
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Noun1.Bedlington terrier - a light terrier groomed to resemble a lambBedlington terrier - a light terrier groomed to resemble a lamb
terrier - any of several usually small short-bodied breeds originally trained to hunt animals living underground
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BLYTH Spartans switch back to cup mode tonight when they host Bedlington Terriers in the quarterfinals of the Northumberland Senior Cup, writes JEFF BOWRON.
BLYTH Spartans will continue their rotation policy for tonight's Techflow Northumberland Senior Cup clash against Bedlington Terriers.
DARLINGTON seek a 12th successive Northern League win if tomorrow's trip to Bedlington Terriers survives the wintry weather.
But before any Premiership chairmen get excited, the aptly-named Robert Rich is sponsoring Bedlington Terriers - who play in the ninth tier of English football.
s investment in an amateur soccer team in northeast England has fans of Bedlington Terriers dreaming of the big time.
AFC Sudbury scraped through to the Final of the FA Vase after a nail-biting penalty shoot-out victory over Bedlington Terriers.
LEAMINGTON boss Jason Cadden feels that his men deserved at least a replay in their FA Vase showdown with the 1999 beaten finalists Bedlington Terriers.
THE miracle men of Bedlington Terriers face an FA Cup second round journey to Scunthorpe after an outstanding 4-1 victory over Colchester.
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In the FA Cup, Division One champions Shildon take on Bedlington Terriers, while newly promoted South Shields travel to Marske United.
The South West Durham side went into the final game needing to defeat Bedlington Terriers, who had been in freefall for several weeks.
A LATE strike by Danny Brunskill earned a rot-stopping 2-2 Northern League top flight draw for Marske United at home to Bedlington Terriers last night.