Bedlington terrier

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Bed·ling·ton terrier

A terrier of a medium-sized breed developed in England, having a narrow wedge-shaped head and a thick woolly coat.

[After Bedlington, a town of northeast England.]

Bedlington terrier

(Breeds) a lithe, graceful breed of terrier having a long tapering head with no stop and a thick fleecy coat. Often shortened to: Bedlington
[C19: named after the town Bedlington in Northumberland, where they were first bred]

Bed′ling•ton ter′rier

(ˈbɛd lɪŋ tən)
one of an English breed of slender terriers having a narrow, rounded head, an arched back, and a thick, fleecy, usu. bluish coat groomed to resemble a lamb.
[1865–70; after Bedlington, town in Northumberland, England]
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Noun1.Bedlington terrier - a light terrier groomed to resemble a lambBedlington terrier - a light terrier groomed to resemble a lamb
terrier - any of several usually small short-bodied breeds originally trained to hunt animals living underground
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I took a miniature poodle and a Bedlington terrier, and you have a time limit of two hours for each one.
Bedlington Terrier Wear is like the strips and jackets and a lot of the good things they sell.
A metal wire sculpture of a Bedlington Terrier dog by local artist Gary Tiplady will be on permanent display.
He will also contact the many US dog clubs, where the dog emblem and Bedlington Terrier associations could make it a hit.
The MP helped to give recognition to a group of Bedlington Terrier owners who have been involved with the Bedlington Terrier Rescue and Rehoming Group.
Q: My seven-yearold male Bedlington terrier, Mac, has black waxy ear discharge which smells.
She told the Daily Post: "I am desperate and so is Sooty my other Bedlington terrier.
DISTRAUGHT dog owner Julia Bush is looking for help in finding her missing Bedlington terrier.
And as Kirby the Bedlington terrier found out when he met the feathered fiend in the park, Gordy is not one of those flighty birds who takes off for the trees when faced with bigger opposition.
grooms his champion Bedlington terrier, Willow Wind Money Talks, for competition in Boston's Bay Colony Cluster Dog Show.
When we got our Bedlington Terrier puppy Baarney, we took him every where with us.
Simon, of Blyth, Northum-berlandchased him as he ran from the Bedlington Terrier pub in Bedlington.