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(ˈbi bi)

(Charles) William, 1877–1962, U.S. naturalist, explorer, and writer.
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Beebe, and as she spoke, her long narrow head drove backwards and forwards, slowly, regularly, as though she were demolishing some invisible obstacle.
Beebe accepted the convenient word, not without a slight twitching of the lips.
Beebe, or of the fashionable world at Windy Corner, or of the narrow world at Tunbridge Wells, she could not determine.
Beebe has just been scolding me for my suspicious nature.
Beebe is a guarantee of a sort that they will not presume on this.
7th Circuit Court of Appeals Case Name: Beebe Roth, et al.
Before the season began, Aurora Christian boys basketball coach Dan Beebe felt that Jake Wolfe might be one of his teams most improved players in 2017-2018.
com)-- On Thursday, November 2nd, an intimate group of Beth Beebe for School Board supporters gathered to hear the candidate speak on the needs of Bloomington students as they prepare for entering the workforce and society.
and arrived to find Andrew William Hart Beebe, 22, being held down by the injured resident.
Our primary aim of doing the second installation of the Two Bellmen series is to connect with the consumers," said David Beebe, vice president, global creative and content marketing, Marriott International.
Beebe and Senkewicz present readers with an account of the life of Jun<AEi>pero Serra, a missionary in eighteenth century Mexico and California, focusing on his religious identity and his relationship with the Native Peoples of the San Francisco Bay area.