Beetle brow

Bee´tle brow`

1.An overhanging brow.
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If Moody's injury was bad news for Johnson then Wilkinson's display got old beetle brow smiling.
Malarkey, a sinister bobcat with McCarthyesque beetle brows and five o'clock shadow, and a sidekick, Mole MacCarony.
As highlighted by the "SNL" spoof, Snyder's chain-smoking, black beetle brows (contrasting with his mostly gray hair), mercurial manner, digressive way of asking questions and clipped speech pattern made for a distinctive sendup.
I remember one Saturday triple feature that had character actor Eugene Pallette in all three (you know who I mean if you grew up in those days - a 300-pound guy with beetle brows and a voice like a fog horn).
Behind the goofy glasses and the beetle brows is a real-life stunner just waiting for that "Why Miss Suarez, you're beautiful," moment.