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(Placename) a port in E Mozambique: terminus of a transcontinental railway from Lobito, Angola, through the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Pop: 566 000 (2005 est)


(ˈbeɪ rə)

a seaport in central Mozambique. 298,847.
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Noun1.Beira - a port city in eastern Mozambique on the Mozambique Channel
Mocambique, Mozambique, Republic of Mozambique - a republic on the southeastern coast of Africa on the Mozambique Channel; became independent from Portugal in 1975
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We halted a moment at the ancient Fountain of Beira, but its stones, worn deeply by the chins of thirsty animals that are dead and gone centuries ago, had no interest for us--we longed to see Jerusalem.
She was convicted at a regional court in Celorico Da Beira in Portugal's Guarda district.
Contract award notice: Supply of propane gas in bulk and placement of deposits in the places of consumption of the university of beira interior
Previously, Morocco's AS SalAaAaAeA@ had booked the first ticket for the semi-fina after beating Mozambique's Ferroviario Beira (92-63), while Angola's Sport Libolo Benfica reached the one but last stage of the tournament after eliminating their compatriot Interclube 71-65.
The Sudanese teams are in group A with Etoile du Sahel, the Tunisian and FerroviEirio da Beira from Mozambique.
A full 59% of those in Tete and 54% of the Beira cohort were HIV-positive, with HIV positivity increasing with age (29-43% for age 18 years and younger, and around 78% by 35 years and older).
Ahmed Beira pointed out that the agreement includes all the hot files and issues in the region, especially with regard to the issue of the presidency of the province and the dimensions of the ministers of the government in addition to disable the Kurdish parliament, adding that the PUK demanded the Kurdistan Democratic Party to provide clarification on the isolation the ministers and preventing the Speaker of Parliament from entering Erbil.
I remember as a skinny six year old, standing knee deep in the somewhat murky and cold waters of the Indian Ocean at Beira in Mozambique.
The company will also construct a new 525 km railway from the mines to Macuse that will run parallel to the Zambezi, allowing all capacity on the other rail lines to the established ports of Nacala and Beira.
Currently, the coal companies depend on the Sena railway from Moatize to the port of Beira, which can currently handle no more than 6.
However, he was effusive in praise of the Beira Rio stadium in the southern city of Porto Alegre.