(bĕl′ə-fŏn′tē), Harold George Known as "Harry." Born 1927.
American musician who gained a worldwide audience for calypso music with songs such as "The Banana Boat Song" (1957). He is also noted for his outspoken support for civil rights and humanitarian causes.


(ˌbɛl əˈfɒn ti)
Harry, born 1922, U.S. singer and actor.
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I hope that New York City men, particularly African American men who are at greater risk for prostate cancer, will take this opportunity to obtain a free screening," said Belafonte.
Belafonte even condemns his own when they succeed or dare to think.
Harry Belafonte will keynote the conference; other special guests will include Katherine Dunham, Eleo Pomare, and Donald McKayle.
After losing his own wife, then his home, he tries to kidnap Belafonte.
London, Oct 10 (ANI): Melanie Brown's hubby Stephen Belafonte got into a vicious brawl with a drinker at a posh London hotel this week.
Belafonte -- who will not be performing -- was chosen for this honor because of his artistic achievements in the world of entertainment and his lifelong dedication to humanitarian causes.
and Harry Belafonte, respectively - inspired heated letter-writing campaigns (and to one advertising executive losing his job for suggesting his client sponsor the program) are also included.
will supply users with co-branded, interactive programming, which includes: "Destinations with Shari Belafonte," "Exotic Adventures," and "Romantic Hideaways".
London, Mar 29 (ANI): Former Spice Girl Mel B's mother and sister have claimed that the singer has not talked to them since five months, blaming her hubby Stephen Belafonte for the feud.
Film producer Belafonte, 32, admitted lashing out at Nicole Contreras, the mum of his three-year-old daughter Giselle, at her Beverly Hills home.
DETROIT -- The Reverend Wendell Anthony announced today that the Detroit Branch NAACP will present to actor, producer, writer, and social activist Harry Belafonte the Lifetime Achievement Award at the upcoming 47th Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner on Sunday, April 28, 2002.