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A fashionable residential district of southwest London, England, centered on Belgrave Square.


(Placename) a fashionable residential district of W central London, around Belgrave Square


(bɛlˈgreɪ vi ə)

a fashionable district in London, England, adjoining Hyde Park.
Bel•gra′vi•an, adj.
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The Vernon Hotel stood, as if by accident, in the corner of a square in Belgravia.
When my friend, the fashionable John Pimlico, married the lovely Lady Belgravia Green Parker, the excitement was so general that even the little snuffy old pew-opener who let me into the seat was in tears.
She considered herself to be of French descent, which might have been true; and after a good many years of married life with a licensed victualler of the more common sort, she provided for the years of widowhood by letting furnished apartments for gentlemen near Vauxhall Bridge Road in a square once of some splendour and still included in the district of Belgravia.
A statement released to the Stock Exchange yesterday confirmed that Belgravia are investigating the possibility of launching a bid for the club.
THE property renovation challenge continues in London's much sought after Belgravia.
The woman claimed Maurice McGinlay, 28, grabbed her wrists and tried to molest her in an interview room at Belgravia Police Station.
THE woman found dead in a trunk on the side of a country lane came from London's posh Belgravia, it was revealed last night.
Circle Realty Advisors uses Leo to manage a portfolio of retail assets for an affiliate of the Belgravia Group, a Chicago area developer of condominiums, town homes, and single-family homes.
Bale, 34, went to the police voluntarily and was formally arrested at Belgravia police station.
The Belgravia group, based in Jersey, have been in talks with chairman Freddie Shepherd, Sir John Hall and his son Douglas, but yesterday reports emerged of a pounds 227m bid by bank UBS and hedge fund firm Polygon.
Supporters have called on the Jersey-based Belgravia group to go public with their plans and show the money behind any deal.
Andy Piggott, managing director of Chester-based insurer Belgravia, which offers tailor-made packages to cover anything from clothing to antiques, recommends checking your household policy carefully to ensure it covers your wardrobe.