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(Placename) another name for Billiton


(bɛˈli tɒŋ)

also Billiton

an island in Indonesia, between Borneo and Sumatra. 100,000; 1866 sq. mi. (4833 sq. km).
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Search and recovery efforts were directed at sweeping the Karimata Strait from Belitung Island to the waters off West Kalimantan, a area with a 270-nautical-mile (500 km) radius.
Those items will examined at a search and rescue coordination post on Belitung island.
Air force spokesman Rear Marshal Hadi Tjahnanto told MetroTV that an Indonesian helicopter spotted two oil patches in the Java Sea east of Belitung island, much closer to where the plane lost contact.
Twelve navy ships, five planes, three helicopters and a number of warships are searching an area of east and south-east Belitung island and nearby waters, said First Admiral Sigit Setiayana, of the Naval Aviation Centre Command at the Surabaya air force base.
Until now, we have not yet found any signal or indication of the plane's whereabouts,'' Soelistyo told The Associated Press, adding fishermen from Belitung island were also helping.
Indonesia and Singapore launched a search and rescue operation for Flight 8501 near Belitung island in Java Sea over which the jetliner lost contact with ground traffic control, about 42 minutes after taking off from Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city.
AirAsia Flight 8501: What we know Air Force spokesman Rear Marshal Hadi Tjahnanto told MetroTV that an Indonesian helicopter in the eastern part of Belitung island spotted two oily spots on the sea about 105 nautical miles east of Tanjung Pandan - much closer to the point of last contact.
It followed an unconfirmed report of a wreckage east of Belitung Island, off the east coast of Sumatra, 100 miles from where it was last tracked.
The search for the plane near Belitung island, was suspended on Sunday night.
Pontianak in West Kalimantan and Tanjung Pandan in Belitung Island
Tanjung Pandan is the main town on Belitung island, roughly half-way between Surabaya and Singapore, and Singapore's Channel News Asia television said there was bad weather over the island at the time the plane went missing.
Jointly organised by the Aga Khan Museum, the National Heritage Board, Singapore, and the Singapore Tourist Board, it will bring to Toronto the exotic, once lost Chinese Tang dynasty cargo of silver and gold vessels and ceramic bowls that were sunk off Belitung Island, Indonesia in the 9th century.