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 (bĕl′ə-mē), Edward 1850-1898.
American writer and utopian socialist who publicized his political views through his popular novel Looking Backward (1888).


(Biography) David (James). born 1933, British botanist, writer, and broadcaster


(ˈbɛl ə mi)

Edward, 1850–98, U.S. author.
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THE Members of a body of Socialists rose in insurrection against their Bellamy.
So, resolving to take no further action, they went away, and looking backward had the satisfaction to see the Bellamy compelled to sell his own book.
Bellamy says you'll do anything for HIM," Pandora said, smiling very sweetly at Mr.
Bellamy has endured injury problems in the past and the fiery forward has been known to lose his cool, prompting Hills to quote 10-11 he gets through the league campaign without a red card and 6-1 for two or more dismissals.
CRAIG BELLAMY has ruined any chance he had of being named in Manchester City's 25-man squad following his savage attack on boss Roberto Mancini.
Richard Bellamy, founder and organizer of the annual Beautiful People Awards, is being remembered by family and friends as a beautiful person himself.
Solomon Schindler to Edward Bellamy, November 28, 18881
WALES and Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy told a court yesterday how he was slapped in the face following a nightclub spat with a teenager.
Child mortality rates have not gone down with Bellamy at the helm, and have actually increased in sub-Saharan Africa.
Bellamy signs for Aston Villa' was its title and, on opening the file, recipients were bemused to be confronted with a photograph of David Bellamy in a Villa shirt.
Unicef Executive Director Carol Bellamy said that several thousand children (over 3,000 in Sri Lanka) remain unclaimed in the wake of the tzunami that hit the Indian Ocean area on Dec.
Bellamy (1850-98) said he saw his boyhood hometown transformed from a New England village where "everyone who was willing to work was sure of a fair living" into something very different.