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Family of Venetian painters, including Jacopo (1400?-1470?), most of whose works have been lost, and his two sons, Gentile (1429?-1507) and Giovanni (1430?-1516). Giovanni, the most illustrious of the three, profoundly influenced the Venetian school of painting with his interest in light and color. His works include Saint Francis in Ecstasy.


(bə-lē′nē) or Bel·li·ni (bə-lē′nē)
n. pl. bel·li·nis or Bel·li·nis
A cocktail made of champagne or sparkling wine, sugar, and puréed fruit, often peaches or strawberries.

[After Giovanni Bellini (from the fact that the color of the drink reminded its inventor of a color used in one of Bellini's paintings).]


(Italian belˈlini)
1. (Biography) Giovanni (dʒoˈvanni). ?1430–1516, Italian painter of the Venetian school, noted for his altarpieces, landscapes, and Madonnas. His father Jacopo (?1400–70) and his brother Gentile (?1429–1507) were also painters
2. (Biography) Vincenzo (vinˈtʃɛntso). 1801–35, Italian composer of operas, esp La Sonnambula (1831) and Norma (1831)


(Cooking) a cocktail consisting of Prosecco and peach purée
[C20: named after Giovanni Bellini, because the drink's pink colour resembles one used in one of the artist's paintings]


(bəˈli ni)
a cocktail made with sparkling wine and peach purée.
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Noun1.Bellini - Italian composer of operas (1801-1835)Bellini - Italian composer of operas (1801-1835)
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