change ringing

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change ring·ing

The ringing of a set of chimes or bells, especially in a belltower, with every possible unrepeated variation.

change′ ring`ing

the art of ringing changes in various sequences on a peal of bells.

change ringing

the art of sounding a ring or set of from 3 to 12 tuned bells according to intricate patterns of sequences.
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Noun1.change ringing - ringing tuned bells in a fixed order that is continually changing
carillon playing, carillon, bell ringing - playing a set of bells that are (usually) hung in a tower
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Weston's ball in view at least, there had been a great deal of insensibility to other things; but it was now too evident that she had not attained such a state of composure as could stand against the actual approachnew carriage, bellringing, and all.
For their show there will be a massive crane whose footprint takes up half of Centenary Square, lifting them very high up and suspending them from a chandelier for an hour-long bellringing show which is extraordinary.
There are 60 events including bellringing, stalls, puppets, competitions, have-a-go workshops, orienteering and special family events including the Saturday morning pageant and Storyteller's Garden.
STRIKING: | |Inside the bellringing room at St Nicholas'
All the bells were sounded half-muf-fled, in which a thick leather cover is strapped to one side of each bell's clapper - the traditional bellringing method for sombre commemorative events.
New Mill Bells are hoping their passion for bellringing will rub off on others in the region, and hope that the people of Yorkshire will give them a chance, and a ring, in the near future
THE secret third member of the Britain's Got Talent bellringing band fears she will be the new Pete Best after they wowed the crowd without her.
Subjected to looks of amusement and pity, I began my weapons training: chucking my spear, ramming my shield against attackers and taking several bellringing bashes to my helmet, once nearly knocking myself out with my spear.
A CHURCH caretaker in Australia who has uncovered 120 years of bellringing history in Coventry is asking for help to piece together the past.
Bells were rung at the city parish of St John in John Street in the city centre by members of the Cardiff Students' Bellringing Society, alongside the bells of the Catholic Cathedral of St David's, similar to those rung 125 years ago as the university was opened.
Bells will be rung at the city parish church of St John by members of the Cardiff Students' Bellringing Society, alongside the bells of Cardiff's Catholic Cathedral, St David's.
The official kickoff for this year's Salvation Army Christmas Bellringing Campaign is Friday at noon outside the grocery entrance of Fred Meyer on West 11th.