Bells palsy

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Bell's′ pal′sy

suddenly occurring paralysis that distorts one side of the face, caused by a lesion of the facial nerve.
[1855–60; after Charles Bell (1774–1842), Scottish anatomist, who first described it]
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Recently, the spa has helped people with Bells Palsy and Epilepsy.
The 19-year-old's book The Way I See It tells her story overcoming a range of conditions and illnesses since the age of 11 - tumours, a brain haemorrhage, Bells Palsy, stroke and subsequently becoming deaf and blind.
Mr Wishlade said Kemp suffered from Bells Palsy which left one side of his face paralysed.
Danielle, who suffers from Bells Palsy, a condition that causes the facial muscles to weaken or become paralysed triggered by trauma - feared the ordeal would cause another attack.