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Noun1.Belmont - a racetrack for thoroughbred racing in Elmont on Long IslandBelmont - a racetrack for thoroughbred racing in Elmont on Long Island; site of the Belmont Stakes
Elmont - a town on Long Island in New York; site of Belmont Park
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Bassanio would be among these suitors, but alas he has no money, not even enough to pay for the journey to Belmont where the lovely lady lived.
Meantime in Belmont many lovers come to woo fair Portia.
In the last act of the play all the friends are gathered again at Belmont.
Out in the country, at the Belmont Academy, I went to work in a small, perfectly appointed steam laundry.
Another old chateau in the neighbourhood, built in the fourteenth century by Jean de Belmont, was also abandoned, so that that part of the country was very little inhabited.
At any rate it is in this sort only that I can account for my failure to read a great deal during four years of the amplest quiet that I spent in the country at Belmont, whither we removed from Cambridge.
As soon as they were fairly ascending Belmont, he began--
It tended down towards the river-side, running through Belmont Place and Prince's Street.
I got as far as Belmont, on the main road back, when I was robbed of my horse-meat by three militiamen.
Belmont Funding is a bankruptcy-remote, special purpose Delaware limited liability company established to issue up to $10.
FOR those who have followed the trials and tribulations of education reform in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the ill-fated Belmont Learning Center project has been a continued source of learning.
President of Leading Benefit Consulting Firm Belmont Associates Consultants in Suburban Philadelphia