v. t.1.To lock, or fasten as with a lock.
[imp. & p. p. Belocked (bė*lǒkt").]
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Two other conference speakers--Daryl Belock, vice president of Innovation and R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Dr.
Daryl Belock, VP of Innovation and R&D Collaboration at Thermo Fisher Scientific, said one of the biggest challenges in coming up with the next generation of technology is finding the right talent to do so.
While Thomas Mason, Director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and Dean Kamen, entrepreneur and inventor, agreed with Belock, they also pointed to another hardship facing the science industry--poor public perception.
There always seems to be a small group of very talented people that stimulate breakthroughs in innovation," said Belock.
Belock has been named source manager for the FRP Supply Division of Ashland Distribution Company.
It included Kamen; Thom Mason, director of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Daryl Belock, a vice-president for Thermo Fisher Scientific; and Alex Peng, a vice president of the Taiwan-based Industrial Technology Research Institute, or ITRI.
Belock and Thermo Fisher Scientific are thinking about "democratization" of scientific measurements and testing.
That can be helpful and transformative," said Belock.
It can be too easy to remain complacent and not strive for the now-unthinkable, Belock told the appreciative crowd.
The personification of human data, through wearable technology and by measuring biometrics such as heart rate and blood sugar, is the next big thing, suggested Belock.
Leadership needs to understand what the needs are, and help direct the scientists in the trenches to get where they to go, Belock said.