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 (bĭ-lông′ər, -lŏng′-)
n. Caribbean
A native-born island resident or a person who has been granted the status of a native-born resident: "Resentment for what many Belongers consider Britain's parsimonious attitude has rekindled a 13-year-old debate" (Maclean's).


(Peoples) a native-born Caribbean person
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The former chief justice found that Hanchell knew that the land was worth significantly more than he was paying for it, even taking into account a Belonger discount, because he had commissioned private third party valuations to value the land;
Each family, tribe and so on distinguishes friend from foe, belonger or non-belonger, by what he says and how he says it.
In light of Dupuis's point about the inevitable difficulties, strains, and tensions that attend the multiple belonger committed to Christianity's asymmetric standing, what would make one even want to?
Finally, in the eighth chapter, Campbell identifies the trends and consequences of these progressions in the use and adaptation of new media by religious groups, not the least of which is how people view the idea of religious authority as it has been traditionally defined offline, and how traditional religions will cope with the behaviors based on new conceptions of belonger groups and loyalty, as changed by online communities.
Belonger Christopher J & Anita M to Morrison Danielle M; 1339 Roundup Dr, Eugene, 97401; $204,000.
Working with their Belonger partners, The Wight Group has targeted 2009 for the resort opening.
Participant and observer, belonger and outsider, Kaufman is always conscious of her own positioning: in the family as mother, grandmother, wife; in political struggles in Israel where she lives; in relation to historical/ Biblical texts.
It is not known how and to what extent the individuals under scrutiny may have participated in the land deal but it seems to have been the practice in several recent questionable dealings in Crown land for local people to be used as facilitators to provide a belonger discounted price for land flips or as belonger corporate stockholders;
Art PRN, the gallery in the coffee shops at PeaceHealth facilities in Eugene, features watercolors by Anita Belonger and photography by Chris Hallford through Aug.
When physical therapist Anita Belonger asked him what he wanted to work on, he said, "I want to walk.