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Adj.1.belt-fed - using belted ammunition
belted - having or provided with a belt; "a belted dress"
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Disassembly of any water-cooled, belt-fed machine gun is quite a bit more complex than field-stripping a blowback-operated submachine gun.
It also features a belt-fed paper positioning system, 32-bit interface controller, API software, and an automatic front-form ejection feature.
For a piece of cutting equipment that can handle vegetables, fruits, cooked poultry/meat/seafood, and bakery/snack foods, the belt-fed E Translicer is designed for both small and large processors.
22-caliber belt-fed pellet gun is fully automatic, powered by [CO.
The Marine Corps is purchasing 10,500 SAW Day Optics, one for nearly every one of its Squad Automatic Weapons, a belt-fed, 5.
Clint is a true historian of personal arms, and has experienced and experimented with arms of all types, from flintlocks to belt-fed full auto.
In its original form the M-1917 was belt-fed, weighed 53.
The very zenith of this concept must certainly be a belt-fed, semiautomatic-only machine gun, such as the interesting RPDS (RPD Semiautomatic) recently introduced by Dave Selvaggio of DSA, Inc.
RCBS'S Advanced Priming System uses primers packaged in little plastic strips that feed automatically one primer at a time, much like belt-fed gun.