Ben Gurion

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Ben Gur·i·on

 (bĕn go͝or′ē-ən), David Originally David Grün. 1886-1973.
Polish-born Israeli political leader. Active in the Zionist movement, he founded the Mapai Party in 1930 and organized the resistance against the British after World War II. Upon Israel's independence, he became prime minister (1948-1953 and 1955-1963).
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Noun1.Ben Gurion - Israeli statesman (born in Poland) and active Zionist who organized resistance against the British after World War II; prime minister of Israel (1886-1973)
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This contract assures Air Canada of a quality solution for our B787 line maintenance needs at Ben Gurion International Airport through IAI Bedek's extensive and proven capabilities in this field.
Consequently, Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv was put on high alert following threats by Al-Qassam Brigades to launch rocket attacks in retaliation to Israel's deadly air raids on Gaza.
The spokesman of the Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Ubaida, warned yesterday evening that no airlines should fly out of Ben Gurion this morning at 6 a.
ROMANIAN AIRCRAFT FLIES OUT OF BEN GURION AIRPORT (EPA) - A Fly Romania aircraft taking off from Ben Gurion Airport, in Lod, Israel, outside Tel Aviv, July 22, 2014.
It was not immediately clear Wednesday night if Air Canada flights to Ben Gurion would resume Thursday, but an airline spokeswomen told CBC News earlier that the airline was constantly reviewing the situation on the ground in Israel.
It added it "will continue to closely monitor the very fluid situation around Ben Gurion Airport.
Wednesday, August 28: KMF Tango Sarajevo v ASA Ben Gurion (Israel) 6.
At Ben Gurion, the A-SMGCS interfaces with the airport's Airfield Ground Lighting system and integrates AGL safety alerts into Saab Sensis' Safety Logic for additional runway incursion prevention.
In the course of the statement he made yesterday in the Zionist Parliament, Ben Gurion referred to the attitude of the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom towards Egypt and Israel, and said that the arming of Egypt would menace Israel, as Egypt's main objective is to remove Israel.
Ben Gurion carried out his war plans to the furthest extent possible.
We also condemn their detention as they arrived at the Ben Gurion International Airport, imprisoning and subjecting them to cruel and inhumane treatment.
Israel: Israeli security forces said on Tuesday they had begun preparations for a "fly-in" of hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists expected to arrive at Ben Gurion airport this weekend.