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 (nĭk′əl-sən), Ben 1894-1982.
British painter known for his Cubist still lifes and landscapes.


, John Joseph Known as "Jack." Born 1937.
American actor who has won Academy Awards for his portrayal of charismatic but troubled characters in films such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) and As Good As It Gets (1997).


1. (Biography) Ben. 1894–1982, English painter, noted esp for his abstract geometrical works
2. (Biography) Jack. born 1937, US film actor. His films include Easy Rider (1969), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1974), Chinatown (1974), Terms of Endearment (1983), Batman (1989), As Good As It Gets (1998), About Schmidt (2002), and The Departed (2006)
3. (Biography) John. 1821–57, British general and administrator, born in Ireland: deputy commissioner in the Punjab (1851–56), where he became the object of hero-worship among the natives and kept the Punjab loyal during the Indian Mutiny: played a major role in the capture of Delhi


(ˈnɪk əl sən)

Ben, 1894–1982, British painter.
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It brings together the naive painting of horses, that I absolutely love, within a homage to Ben Nicholson all with a surreal twist.
It traces some of the uses of collage in British art from the first influences of the Parisian avant-garde, in the early work of Ben Nicholson and British Surrealists Eileen Agar and Roland Penrose, through to present day practitioners such as Steve Claydon, David Noonan and Idris Khan.
Compton Verney's current exhibition looks at the work of British folk artists Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson and runs until June 5.
The Crane Kalman Gallery (178 Brompton Road, London; +44 (0)20 7584 7566) is showing 'Winifred Nieholson', a selection of rarely-seen paintings by the wife of Ben Nicholson that explore the luminosity of open spaces and still lifes.
How to Improve the World: 60 Years of British Art from the Arts Council Collection includes diverse works by many big names, including David Hockney, Lucian Freud, Leon Kossoff, Ben Nicholson and Bridget Riley.
Harry Ousey, a self-taught landscape painter, and his wife Susie moved to St Ives early in his career, where he came under the influence of artists like Ben Nicholson who were turning to abstraction, which they believed would purify and realise their vision.
Hence the likes of Victor Passmore, Terry Frost and Ben Nicholson are purchased and displayed by the Arts Council, while John Crisp is not.
North and south faces of the building are also symmetrical but on the south the pattern of delicate verticals, floating horizontals and projections is more abstract, reminiscent of a Ben Nicholson.
Most self-taught or "primitive" artists tend to stick obsessively to one type of subject; think of the Cornish primitive Alfred Wallis "discovered" by Ben Nicholson.
It includes tackles Jake Denaro and Ethan Benjamin, guards Mike D'Entremont and Garrett Curran, and center Ben Nicholson.
He was close to many other leading figures in the modern movement, acting as best man when artist Ben Nicholson (the "circles and squares" man in the play The Pitmen Painters) married sculptor Barbara Hepworth, was a neighbour of Henry Moore and was Piet Mondrian's closest friend when the Dutchman stayed in London after fleeing the Nazis.