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 (nĭk′əl-sən), Ben 1894-1982.
British painter known for his Cubist still lifes and landscapes.


, John Joseph Known as "Jack." Born 1937.
American actor who has won Academy Awards for his portrayal of charismatic but troubled characters in films such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) and As Good As It Gets (1997).


1. (Biography) Ben. 1894–1982, English painter, noted esp for his abstract geometrical works
2. (Biography) Jack. born 1937, US film actor. His films include Easy Rider (1969), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1974), Chinatown (1974), Terms of Endearment (1983), Batman (1989), As Good As It Gets (1998), About Schmidt (2002), and The Departed (2006)
3. (Biography) John. 1821–57, British general and administrator, born in Ireland: deputy commissioner in the Punjab (1851–56), where he became the object of hero-worship among the natives and kept the Punjab loyal during the Indian Mutiny: played a major role in the capture of Delhi


(ˈnɪk əl sən)

Ben, 1894–1982, British painter.
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1), of which 40 are on permanent display, 30 by Ben Nicholson, with William Congdon, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, Lucie Rie, Bryan Pearce, and Christopher Wood (Fig.
The tessellating, multicolored triangular pattern from the shirt in a 1927 Self-Portrait by Christopher Wood--a painter closely associated with Ben Nicholson but who died tragically young in 1930--provides the print for a new kimono, Christopher Wood Kimono, 2016, draped on a standing T-frame.
From left to right: Nathan Jones, Ben Nicholson, Sonny Rai, Lord Mayor Councillor Lindsley Harvard, Karina Kanda, Chloe Oldham, Chante Tamne
My students and I explored several relief sculptures, including the works of Roy Lichtenstein, Ben Nicholson, and a few student-created reliefs.
Giacomettis artwork also heavily influenced the likes of Henry Moore, Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth.
In 1930 I saw the paintings of Ben Nicholson (whom I later married) and Frances Hodgkins for the first time.
For this reviewer, the most outstanding room in the exhibition is that focusing on the early creative partnership between Hepworth and Ben Nicholson, which began in 1932 after Nicholson joined Hepworth at 7 The Mall Studios, Hampstead.
He went on to be influenced by sculptors Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Peter Randall-Page and artists like William Blake, Georges Braque, Ben Nicholson and John Piper.
From left, |Shaun Fayle, Stephen Ridgeway, Lucy Pameley, Jonathan Corrin, Ben Nicholson, Nicola Simmonds and Gemma Rushton in the Nativity at Lichfied pre-school in 1988
On show are loans from public and private collections from the UK and abroad including works held by Tate and mima of artists from across Europe and North America - from Georges Braque, Kurt Schwitters, Wassily Kandinsky through to Sam Francis, Sandra Blow, Ben Nicholson, Alfred Wallis and Mark Rothko.
St Ives' reputation was cemented in 1939 when sculptor Barbara Hepworth settled in the town with her artist husband Ben Nicholson and their young family at the outbreak of the Second World War.
Fairport Convention, from left, Ric Sanders, Simon Nicol, Chris Leslie (back), Dave Pegg (front) and Gerry Conway BEN NICHOLSON