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A city of southeast Australia north-northwest of Melbourne. It was founded in 1851 during the Australian gold rush.


(Placename) a city in SE Australia, in central Victoria: founded in 1851 after the discovery of gold. Pop: 68 715 (2001)


(ˈbɛn dɪˌgoʊ)

a city in central Victoria in SE Australia: gold mining. 64,790.
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It was in the brave old days of Ballarat and Bendigo, when ship after ship went out black with passengers and deep with stores, to bounce home with a bale or two of wool, and hardly hands enough to reef topsails in a gale.
An additional 200 vehicles are under contract and scheduled for production at ADI's Bendigo (Australia) facility.
BENDIGO, Australia -- AutoFarm([R]), the leader in GPS precision farming, today announced it has finalised a strategic investment in gps-Ag([R]).
Global Banking News-August 8, 2011--Australia's Bendigo and Adelaide Bank makes 1,000 margin calls(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Australia's Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited (BEN.
A Victorian business has given at least 14 job seekers the opportunity to get off welfare and into work, following the opening in Bendigo of its 17th store.
It will complement City of Bendigos Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy, and the review of train services to Melbourne as part of the Bendigo Metro Rail Project.
Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Limited (ASE: BEN) has agreed to buy government-owned Rural Finance Corporation for AUD1.
PK) (the "Company"), received notice from Bendigo Partners LLC ("Bendigo") of a material breach by the Company of the Consulting Agreement, dated as of December 7, 2010, by and between the Company and Bendigo (the "Consulting Agreement"), as a result of the Company's failure to pay Bendigo its $250,000 monthly fee under the Consulting Agreement on each of May 1, 2011 and June 1, 2011.
KAPITALL's Series A lead investors include Bendigo Partners, a fintech private equity firm started by former E*Trade President and COO Jarrett Lilien, media investor Strauss Zelnick, partner in ZelnickMedia Corp.
Upgrade of an existing way side stop on the southbound carriageway on the Calder Highway, 16 kilometres south of Bendigo.
Australia-based Bendigo Bank has announced an increase in profit.