Benford's law

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Noun1.Benford's law - a law used by auditors to identify fictitious populations of numbers; applies to any population of numbers derived from other numbers; "Benford's law holds that 30% of the time the first non-zero digit of a derived number will be 1 and it will be 9 only 4.6% of the time"
law of nature, law - a generalization that describes recurring facts or events in nature; "the laws of thermodynamics"
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Benford's law proportions are shown as the diamond studs on the line.
The agreement of the sales contract data with Benford's Law is almost identical and is statistically significant.
Benford's Law is no longer a mathematical curiosity.
Each lesson centers on a key mathematical concept or application, with subjects including algebraic expressions and sequences, codes based on a simple fold, Benford's law, roots for divisibility tests and properties of numbers, the Farey sequences of order for fractions, interpretation of graphs, possibility tests and factors, estimation scales and units, symmetry, coordinates, averages and range, constructions, measurements, proofs, transformations, and sophisticated geometric forms.
Feller's (1966) expected digital frequencies are identical to those developed by Benford (1938), which is now commonly referred to as Benford's law.
This curiosity is satisfied by a discussion of digit analysis and Benford's Law.
Kumar, Conditional probability of actually detecting a financial fraud-a neutrosophic extension to Benford's law, International Journal of Applied Mathematics, 17(2005), No.
Benford's Law says numeral frequency isn't random but follows numerical order, 1 being most and 9 least frequent, but it says nothing about their frequencies in text relative to the letters etc.
In addition to following the Statement of Auditing Standards, Lundy says his firm incorporates a healthy does of Benford's Law.
Nigrini has been a pioneer in applying Benford's Law to auditing and forensic accounting, even before his groundbreaking 1999 Journal of Accountancy article introducing this useful tool to the accounting world.
The new approach is the first of its kind to apply Benford's Law to annual financial statements.
Therefore, a pattern of numbers--such as invoice numbers or dollar amounts whose digits deviate far from the values expected based on Benford's law might indicate that not all of the included numbers are legit.