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 (bĕn-gôl′, bĕng-, bĕn′gəl, bĕng′-)
A region of eastern India and Bangladesh. It was a province of India until 1947, when the eastern part became East Pakistan, and later (1971) Bangladesh, and the western section was included in independent India.

Ben′ga·lese′ (bĕn′gə-lēz′, -lēs′, bĕng′-) adj. & n.


(bɛnˈɡɔːl; bɛŋ-)
1. (Placename) a former province of NE India, in the great deltas of the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers: in 1947 divided into West Bengal (belonging to India) and East Bengal (Bangladesh)
2. (Placename) Bay of Bengal a wide arm of the Indian Ocean, between India and Myanmar
3. (Breeds) a breed of medium-large cat with a spotted or marbled coat


(bɛnˈgɔl, -ˈgɑl, bɛŋ-; ˈbɛn gəl, ˈbɛŋ-)

1. a former province in NE India, now divided between India and Bangladesh. Compare East Bengal, West Bengal.
2. Bay of, a part of the Indian Ocean between India and Burma.
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Noun1.Bengal - a region whose eastern part is now Bangladesh and whose western part is included in IndiaBengal - a region whose eastern part is now Bangladesh and whose western part is included in India


A. ADJbengalí
B. NBengala f
C. CPD Bengal tiger Ntigre m de Bengala


nBengalen nt
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