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A river of central and northwest Bolivia rising in the Andes and flowing about 1,600 km (995 mi) to the Mamoré River.


(Spanish ˈbeni)
(Placename) a river in N Bolivia, rising in the E Cordillera of the Andes and flowing north to the Marmoré River. Length: over 1600 km (1000 miles)


(ˈbɛ ni)

a river flowing NE from W Bolivia to the Brazilian border, where with the Mamoré it forms the Madeira River. ab. 600 mi. (965 km) long.
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German Siemens has finished the implementation of two steam electricity production units in Beni Suef in November with a total capacity of 800 MW.
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beaucoup moins que] Des presumes ADF (Forces democratiques alliees) ont attaque Beni dans la nuit par le nord a partir du quartier Boikene.
The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy has reached an agreement with Siemens to operate two power production units in the Beni Suef power plant, with a capacity of 800 megawatts, by November.
The ignorance of people in both Iran and the Arab world, and by extension, around the world about who Hashem Beni Torofi was and the significance of his passing is no comment on his precious life, cherished legacy, and revolutionary ideals, and far more, a gloss on the calamity that has befallen both Arabs and Iranians who no longer recognise their mutual and common heroes.
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1303 [seccion] 1, 2[grados], si tratta di beni temporali devoluti ad una persona giuridica pubblica con l'onere di utilizzarne i redditi o per far celebrare delle Messe, o per compiere altre specifiche funzioni (liturgiche) ecclesiastiche o infine per compiere uno dei fini ecclesiali previsti dal can.
Request of best offers & proposals for a license for the safe disposal of waste & residuals within the governorate premises ,for 7 years, to recycle as fuel alternative, also for the leasing & exploitation of waste composting/ recycling plants existing in El Wasta, Samasta, Beni Swef & Ehnasia.
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